Book Preview

  • Book 1

    'Balloons' are connected to the world of children and they spread joy. Children like coloured balloons in various shapes. A balloon is a good friend of a child.

  • Book 2

    When children look at the cover page of the book 'The Balloon' they feel very happy and their curiosity is aroused to see the inside pages. The teacher also needs to make various shapes with the balloon and show to the students. The students are expected to follow the instructions so that these exercises lead to an increase in imagination and creativity.

  • Book 3

    The teacher asks the names of familiar birds. The teacher then tells the story of a sparrow.

  • Book 4

    Weddings occur very commonly in our country. All children like to attend weddings and enjoy themselves by dancing, bursting crackers and getting to eat delicious food. The same has been depicted in this story through attractive pictures.

  • Book 5

    What are the sources of water? - Rain, Lake, Pond, Stream, River, Sea, Ocean.The students tell the sources of water that flows to the sea. Let us see what is found in the sea.

  • Book 6

    The story of the crow drinking water from a pot is an old story but it is introduced in a novel form in this book. On the front cover, the crow is shown to drink water with a straw. This is to arouse the children's imagination. This booklet will help to enhance their imagination.

  • Book 7

    Children like fruits, particularly mango. Mango is the favorite fruit of almost everybody. The book gives the information about this fruit through the pictures.

  • Book 8

    Children like playing with colourful balls. Different games can be played with a ball. Balls are available in different attractive colours. In this booklet, we will see how and where the boy found his lost ball.

  • Book 9

    In addition to school curriculum, the students should be provided with information on other things like life styles of people living in deserts, geographical climate and different animals on the earth. Through the pictorial book 'I am Lakshman' the students get the information about all these things.Lakshman living in a desert with his people, their lifestyle, profession, plants, animals in the desert and the geographical climate are introduced through this book.

  • Book 10

    Children love trains. When we talk about a train, children get excited and want to play games like forming a human train. This story also teaches the children the names of various fruits and vegetables. It also teaches the children to respect every person.

  • Book 11

    The cover page depicts a rabbit putting a baby fox to sleep and the back cover depicts foxes talking to the rabbit. These pictures arouse the curiosity of the children so that they feel a need to know more about the story.

  • Book 12

    This story is based on friendship. The moral of this story “The inner beauty of a person is far more important than their physical appearance”.

  • Book 13

    The story of this coloured ball instills the value of humility in children. It tells the children various colours and also teaches them not to be proud.

  • Book 14

    This story talks about friendship. This story tells the children that friendship is very important in life.

  • Book 15

    This story introduces a camel. Through the camel a story with a moral is depicted in the pictures drawn in the book.

  • Book 16

    The story 'Monkey's Eye Pain' is narrated creatively so that children are aware of the consequences of watching too much television and playing in the hot sun.

  • Book 17

    A story about the animals in the Jungle is introduced in this booklet. The message that you need to be brave and fight against injustice is imparted through this lesson.

  • Book 18

    This booklet helps build curiosity in children and increase their knowledge about the rain and its effects in our country.

  • Book 19

    This booklet introduces to the children the different professions and the nature of their jobs in the society.

  • Book 20

    This booklet is about a story of four children, who display lot of courage and help catch some thieves.

  • Book 21

    This booklet is about all the important festivals celebrated all over the country. This will teach children about the importance of festivals of all religions.

  • Book 22

    This booklet depicts the story of an elephant who wishes to change his appearance and then realizes that real beauty is from within.

  • Book 23

    This helps the children to identify items seen in every room of their house. The children can also be asked to draw a house which would help increase their creativity.

  • Book 24

    This booklet depicts the story of a rabbit who uses his imagination to eat the fruits from a tree.